What to Do for a Shedding Bearded Dragon


It is very natural for a bearded dragon to shed its skin as it grows. Shedding usually occurs more often with baby bearded dragon because as they go through rapid growth the skin will shed off more.

There is no set time to determine when a bearded dragon will begin shedding. It all depends on how fast the lizard is growing and how old it is.

Adults do not shed as much as younger ones because they are not growing as much.

Many times when shedding begins the bearded dragon’s color may darken or dull. It’s behavior may change, such as it could not eat as much, or not at all.

Don’t worry – this is all pretty common when it is shedding.

Although shedding pretty much happens on its own, there are a couple things you as the the owner can do to help speed up the shedding process. Here are a few things on what to do for a shedding bearded dragon.

Mist the Bearded Dragon More Frequently

What to Do for a Shedding Bearded DragonIt is always a good idea to mist your bearded dragon several times a day. It helps the skin stay moist and helps to keep it hydrated.

When it begins shedding you should increase the frequency of the misting.

The misting will soften the skin making it much easier for the bearded dragon to shed.

Give the Bearded Dragon Baths

Bathing the bearded dragon more often will also help promote shedding the loose skin.

For a baby beardie, a bathroom sink might be ideal for baths. Fill the sink with warm water (make sure it isn’t too hot) and allow it to play in the water for fifteen to thirty minutes. This will help to really soften the skin and make shedding much easier for it.

Once it begins shedding it is a good idea to give it a bath once every other day.

Use a Shedding Aid

There are quite a few shedding aids available to help your bearded dragon with shedding. Zilla Bath Shed-Ease is a great shedding aid that moisturizes the skin and promotes healthy new skin for the bearded dragon.

This is added to the bath water and can help tremendously with shedding after a twenty minute soaking.

Another shedding aid that works well is Zoo Med Repti Shedding Aid. It is a spray that is misted on the bearded dragon’s skin a couple times per day.

Most of the time frequent misting with water and baths is enough to help it get through shedding, but in some cases the shedding aids might be needed.

Never Pull the Skin Off Yourself

If your bearded dragon begins shedding, never ever pull the skin off yourself. Let nature do its work. Pulling the skin off before it is ready can injure your pet, and could cause bleeding and infections.

It is tempting to pull it off the loose skin, but it is better to let the skin come off on its own.

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  1. Maryellen McMurray says

    We appreciate this info very much! We give our Russian Tortoises a bath 1x a week,but did not know bathing in a tub would be safe for a B.D.And although we clip nails of our dog and cat, it’s great to see a product here for clipping our B.D (“Bayliss”,named for Todd Bayliss,a friend and amazing motorcycle pilot from an early age.) Maryellen McMurray and Michael Plette~Leominster, MA 01453 USA

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