Proper Temperatures for a Bearded Dragon

Since bearded dragons come from the hot, arid regions of Australia in the wild, these conditions must be replicated as much as possible in captivity.

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded creatures and they regulate their body temperature from external sources, like the sun.

It is important when keeping a bearded dragon as a pet that the proper temperature is acquired in their enclosure to replicate what they receive in the wild. This means keeping the temperature in the enclosure close to what bearded dragons have in their homeland.

In the wild, bearded dragons receive heat from the sun, and from rocks that have soaked up the sun’s rays during the day.

Here we will discuss the proper temperatures for a bearded dragon at each stage of its life.

Proper Temperatures for a Baby Bearded Dragon

A baby bearded dragon has slightly different temperature requirements than an adult. For a baby bearded dragon, the ambient temperatures within the enclosure should stay at least 80 to 85 degrees F.

A basking area should be established with temperatures ranging between 95 to 110 degrees F.

On the opposite side of the enclosure, the temperatures should be slightly cooler and range between 80 to 90 degrees F.

The optimum temperatures within the bearded dragon’s enclosure should be a gradient, where the warmest area being the basking area, and the cooler region being on the other end of the enclosure. The area between these two areas should be between those temperatures.

Temperature AreasIdeal Temperature Range
Basking Area95°F - 110°F
Cool-down Area80°F - 90°F

Proper Temperatures for a Juvenile Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon BaskingJuvenile bearded dragons require similar temperatures as a baby. The basking area can be slightly cooler, ranging from 95 to 105 degrees F.

The cooler area needs to be about 80 to 90 degrees F with juveniles as well.

Temperature AreasIdeal Temperature Range
Basking Area95°F - 100°F
Cool-down Area80°F - 90°F

Proper Temperatures for an Adult Bearded Dragon

Adult bearded dragons can have slightly cooler basking areas than juveniles and babies. The temperature for the basking area should be between 90 to 93 degrees for an adult bearded dragon.

The cooler region of the enclosure can still be kept at 80 to 90 degrees F, just as with babies and juveniles.

Temperature AreasIdeal Temperature Range
Basking Area90°F - 93°F
Cool-down Area80°F - 90°F

Nighttime Temperatures

The temperatures within the enclosure should be allowed to drop anywhere between 70 and 75 degrees for all stages of bearded dragons. Once nightfall arrives the basking light should be turned off, so the temperatures lower, and the bearded dragon can rest.

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