How To Bathe a Bearded Dragon

One of the most fun and exciting activities you can do with your bearded dragon is giving it a bath. Most bearded dragons love a nice, warm bath every so often.

Giving your bearded dragon consistent baths is also very important for proper hygiene. Of course giving a bath is not a very difficult task there are a few precautions to adhere to when allowing your pet to frolic in water.

Here’s how to bathe a bearded dragon properly.

Setting Up The Bath

Giving Bearded Dragon BathThe most important thing to remember when bathing your bearded dragon is the depth of the water. You do not want to inadvertently drown it!

The bath water should be no deeper than the joints (or “knees”) on its limbs. If you use water that is a little deeper then make sure to closely observe your bearded dragon at all times when in the water.

If you are bathing a baby, or juvenile bearded dragon a bathroom or kitchen sink may work best to prevent drowning. A sink works well for bathing a very small bearded dragon.

An adult can be bathed in a bathtub or even a Rubbermaid plastic storage box, or anything that will hold water.

Once you have a suitable bathing area, fill it with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot. You don’t want to scold your bearded dragon. Using water that is between 85 to 92 degrees F is ideal. This will keep the bearded dragon warm while bathing, but not cause scolds or discomfort.

For baby and juvenile bearded dragons, fill the bath with about half an inch of water to one inch.

For adults, you can fill the bath with one to three inches of water, depending on its size. Remember, do not fill the bath up too deeply!

Bathing The Bearded Dragon

When bathing the bearded dragon never use any soaps or detergents. The bearded dragon will most likely take a few drinks of the water and you don’t want it drinking any suds. Just using fresh tap water will suffice.

At this point, you can gently splash water on your bearded dragon. The best method is using a paper cup and easily pour the water up and down the bearded dragon’s back and tail. Avoid pouring water around its eyes and nose.

Allow the bearded dragon to splash around some itself. Most bearded dragons love water and will enjoy the nice dip.

Let the bearded dragon soak in the water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will give it a good soaking which will help the skin, especially when shedding.

When The Bath Is Finished

Once the bearded dragon’s bath is finished, you can use a soft cloth towel to gently pat it dry. This is very important if you are using a loose substrate like sand. The sand particles will stick to the wet bearded dragon if you do not dry it first.

It is also important to dry the bearded dragon and get him back under the basking lights so he can warm back up. This is especially needed if it’s during the cold winter months. Being without heat for an hour or two will not harm your bearded dragon, but getting it back in the heat as soon as possible is recommended.

Bath Your Bearded Dragon Frequently

It is recommended to let your bearded dragon splash around in warm water at least once a month. Twice a month works even better in the summer months.

Bathing can help the overall hygiene of your bearded dragon by removing any old skin and scales, cleaning and removing any bacteria and germs contain on the feet and claws, and by aiding shedding.

You and your bearded dragon will thoroughly enjoy bath time.

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    • Taron says

      That’s also what I was told by the pet store and breeder both said about two to three days to give her a bath.

  1. Jerdin says

    I’m worried after reading this I bath Gary (my beardie) at least 1 time a week is that ok???!!!

  2. Taron says

    what I was told by the pet store, breeder and my five buddy’s that have dragons said about two to three days to give her a bath. So I don’t know if I can trust the water temp witch is why I’m here. Sounds like false info you should never bath them less then once a week I know that for fact

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