14 Signs of an Unhealthy Bearded Dragon

Unhealthy Bearded DragonMany times bearded dragon owners may come across special health needs of their pets. There are also times when your bearded dragon might be showing signs of an unhealthy condition without you really knowing it.

Unfortunately, our bearded dragons can not tell us what is wrong with them.

That’s why it is very important to pay attention to tell-tale signs that something might be amiss. These signs could give clues as to any unhealthy conditions the bearded dragon is going through. There are times when it shows signs of an unhealthy state that it can be remedied by simply changing its habitat or food. Some serious conditions will require a visit to a reptile veterinarian.

Here are fourteen signs that you should keep an eye on that could mean an unhealthy bearded dragon.

Eyes Are Not Bright, Clear and Alert

If the bearded dragon’s eyes seem to have a film on them, or seem to not move towards any motion, it could mean it is having some complications. A film over the eyes could simply be a shedding issue, or it could be something more serious like an infection. Check to make sure a bearded dragon you intend to purchase always has clear, bright, and alert eyes.


If it’s a shedding issue, try giving the bearded dragon a bath in warm water. Let it soak for about 15 – 20 minutes to help loosen the skin. You can also use Repti Shedding Aid, or Zilla Bath Shed Ease, to help loosen the skin and promote healthy shedding. If the problem does not seem to be a shedding issue, seek a reptile veterinarian as soon as possible.

Acts Very Lethargic

A bearded dragon that seems “lazy” and doesn’t move much could mean a couple things. One problem could be the temperature of the habitat. A young bearded dragon needs a basking area temperature of between 95°F to 110°F, with a cooler region of around 80°F to 90°F. Often low habitat temperatures coincide with loss of appetite as well.

When seasons begin to change from summer into fall and then into winter many bearded dragon may brumate, or hibernate. The bearded dragon’s appetite will decrease along with it’s activity levels. Most of the time this is normal and nothing to worry about. It’s still important to continue to offer food and water while maintaining proper temperatures and light cycles.


Continually monitor temperatures within the terrarium by using a high quality thermometer like an Exo Terra Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer. It is a good idea to use two – one located in the basking area and the other located in the cooler area so that you can check the complete temperature gradient throughout the terrarium. Adjust temperatures as needed by adding a larger or smaller wattage basking bulb depending on your needs. A mercury vapor bulb can be used to supply both radiant heat and UV radiation.

If temperatures are in the correct range for the age of your bearded dragon, and it’s not the right time of year for brumation to occur, and your bearded dragon is still acting lethargic you may need to seek the advice of a reptile veterinarian.

Soft, Runny, or Foul Stool

Soft or runny stool could be a sign that your bearded dragon has a possible internal parasite or an inadequate diet. Feeding a bearded dragon lettuce can cause a runny stool and cause malnutrition. A yellow tinged urate (the end of the poop that is white) can be a sign of dehydration. Urates that are red or rusty-colored could be an indication of possible parasites.

A bearded dragon that is very stressed out could also have a runny stool or temporary diarrhea.


Make sure to feed your bearded dragon a proper diet and avoid feeding lettuce, as it holds no nutritional value and causes diarrhea. Internal parasites can come from feeder insects that are raised in unsanitary conditions. Make sure you are purchasing feeders that are kept properly. Don’t be afraid to ask your feeder supplier about their husbandry.

It is also important to keep your bearded dragon’s home clean and sanitary. Clean the entire terrarium and any decor at least once per month with a quality terrarium cleaner. Do not use household cleaners such as Windex or anything containing strong chemicals. Clean any spills or soiled areas as soon as possible. This will keep bacteria to a minimum.

It is very important to keep your bearded dragon hydrated. If you begin to notice the white part of the poop (the urate) is a yellow-ish tint there could be a hydration issue. Mist your bearded dragon a couple times per day with clean, dechlorinated water. If using tap water treat the water with a water conditioner that removes chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals, and other chemicals. Zoo Med ReptiSafe is a great product. Lightly mist his/her face with water and they will begin to slowly lap the water off the end of the nose. You should also give your bearded dragon a bath in clean, dechlorinated water at least once a week. Baths not only help keep the bearded dragon hydrated, but also help facilitate shedding and can even help with light constipation.

If your bearded dragon is new to its home, or recently moved around it could be stressed, causing temporary diarrhea. Allow some time for your bearded dragon to adjust, and provide a hide box so that he/she will have a bit of shelter for security.

If your bearded dragon has runny stool or sustained diarrhea have your veterinarian perform a fecal exam to find out the cause of the abnormal stool. Ask them to check for parasites and treatments.

Swollen Limbs or Tail

Swollen limbs or tail could be a sign of a fractured or broken limb/tail. This could come from a fall or when multiple bearded dragons housed together get into a skirmish. Limbs or a tail that tend to break or fracture easily could be a sign of Metabolic Bone Disease. There could also be a bacterial infection, such as tail rot, that could cause swelling.


If your bearded dragon has a swollen limb or tail seek a qualified veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian can perform x-rays and other tests to determine exactly what’s causing the swelling and prescribe treatment.

If you suspect possible Metabolic Bone Disease, seek a qualified veterinarian. This is a life-threatening disease that should be treated immediately.

There are some steps you can take to help reduce the risk of Metabolic Bone Disease with your bearded dragon:

Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite can be due to a variety of issues – everything from inadequate temperatures to stress. Unfortunately, our cute bearded dragons cannot talk to tell us what the problem is, so we must use our best judgement according to conditions.


Check the habitat temperatures to make sure they are in the proper ranges for the age of bearded dragon you have. If the temperatures are correct, then check to make sure adequate UV radiation is provided.

There are many things that can cause bearded dragon’s to become stressed. The most stressful times are when a new pet is first brought home, or when the terrarium setting drastically changes. Remember, bearded dragons have different personalities just like people, so each one will act differently. Some bearded dragons are not fazed one bit by change, others may freak out. If you have recently acquired a bearded dragon give it time to adjust and only disturb him/her when absolutely necessary. Do not leave live feeders in the terrarium overnight or for long periods of time as this can cause some stress.

If you have covered all the bases and your bearded dragon is still not eating well you should seek the advice of a reptile veterinarian as there could be other possible health issues such as impaction or Metabolic Bone Disease.

Hanging Mouth Open

If your bearded dragon sits with his mouth open, this could be due to temperatures being too warm. Many times they will open their mouth as a way of cooling off. Check habitat temperatures and adjust them accordingly.

Inside of Mouth is Blacked or Discolored

A discolored, or blackened mouth could be the symptoms of mouth rot. Mouth rot is a bacterial infection that affects the mouth and gums of bearded dragons. It is typically caused by unsanitary conditions and low temperatures, and must be treated by a veterinarian.

Discolored Stomach

If the stomach of your pet darkens, or becomes black, it could be due to stress. This can happen most commonly with bearded dragons that have recently been brought home, or changed habitats. Give it time to adjust to the new surroundings. Stress can also be caused by feeder insects left in the habitat overnight, or incorrect temperatures.

Boney / Malnourished

This is usually a direct sign that the bearded dragon is not eating correctly. This could be due to stress, improper temperatures, or a sign of a more serious condition. Check habitat temperatures, and vary the diet to provoke eating.

Disfigured Tail or Limbs / Brittle Bones

Tail or limb disfigurement can be a sign of a broken bone resulting from a drop, or impact of some type. This can often times be the sign of Metabolic Bone Disease. Have a veterinarian perform an exam immediately.


Bearded dragons in the wild are very active creatures. Captive-raised bearded dragons do not have the room typically to be as active as in the wild. With an abundant amount of food, couple with less activity, can lead to obesity. You can combat obesity by supplying it with plenty of leafy greens, and taking it out for regular exercise.

Jerky / Shaky Behavior

There can be many reasons why your bearded dragon is showing jerky, or shaky behavior. The most common reason is due to calcium and vitamin D3 deficiencies. Bearded dragons need calcium for strong bones and vitamin D3 in order to absorb calcium. Providing your pet with sufficient UVB rays is important too reducing the risk of these deficiencies.

Bloody / Damaged Snout

A bloody damaged-looking snout is most commonly caused by snout rubbing. This generally happens when it is kept in an enclosure that is too small. As it searches for a way out of the enclosure it will rub it’s snout until it’s bloody and raw. This can be remedied by ensuring the bearded dragon’s enclosure is adequate and has the proper diet. Taking it out of the habitat occasionally can also help with snout rubbing.

Sunken Eyes

If your bearded dragon appears to have sunken eyes, it could be the signs of an infection. This can also result from dehydration. Give it a bath in warm water. It should lap some of the water after you set it in. Always supply your it with fresh water daily. Be sure the water container is relatively shallow so it can not drown. Misting your bearded dragon several times a day will also help. It will lap up drips of water from its nose as you mist it.

There can be many signs that point to an unhealthy, or unhappy bearded dragon. It’s always important to keep an eye on any issues, and take it to a qualified veterinarian for periodic exams. Most unhealthy symptoms described above should be examined and treated by a reptile veterinarian. If you have any doubts seek veterinarian advice immediately! This information is for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice.

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  1. Hank e. says

    My bearded dragon has passed away and I don’t know why. It has been molting slowly for a few weeks and I came home today to see it on its belly on his sand and i noticed that his right side of his belly was very green and his bottom head and neck were black if u have any information on his cause of death it would be greatly appreciated please email me back. Thank you

    • says

      Hi Hank, very sorry to hear about the loss of your bearded dragon. It’s very difficult to nail down what the possible cause of death was without a medical examination. You mentioned sand so my best guess would be possible impaction, especially if your beardie was a baby or juvenile. Impaction is caused by a blockage in the digestive system due to swallowing small particles (sometimes large particles) over time.

      Sand is a very bad culprit of this because the bearded dragon inadvertently swallows sand particles when going after feeder insects and other food. Over time, these sand particles collect in the digestive tract and create a blockage which usually leads to death.

      The best advice I can give is to take your bearded dragon to a veterinarian and have a necropsy (animal autopsy) performed to determine the cause of death. This service can generally cost anywhere from $50 – $100, depending on the veterinarian. It’s up to you to figure out whether that cost is acceptable.

      Again, I’m sorry to hear of your loss and thanks for your question.

      • Dylan Briones says

        Can someone tell me please why my bearded dragon seems skiddish? He seems scared of me and any time I try to pick him up he runs away. he also flares his beard sometimes and turns a tinted black. So is he really scared of me if he sees me as a threat how do i get him to see me as a friend if he is scared he is about 6-7 months old and he is a fancy one please help.

        • Grace says

          Bearded dragons have personalities just like us. Some are more timid than others. Give your beardie a lot of time to get used to you. When you try to grab him, try not to come quickly at him from above. Go slow, and make sure he sees your hand before it touches him.

  2. Jason says

    My baby bearded dragon has a block dot on the same two spots of is nec is that.also sometimes when he eats his eyes pop out a little what is that I need info.

    • Haddon says

      When my beardie was a baby his eyes would pop out like a frog looking. And then I read that they do that before or after they shed my beardie is now one but he doesn’t do that any more

  3. rocky says

    this list is bs. mouth open? seriously? this is a sign of happiness. its a sign that they are basking, almost as if saying “ahhhh…pure bliss”

    • Dani says

      I found this pretty informative actually.

      I think the author means constantly having an open mouth is a sign the habitat is too hot. And that’s pretty accurate.

    • Ashley says

      It happens often when dragons are just chilling or when they are basking as a way to regulate their body temps, yes. BUT, if you have a dragon that gapes constantly and has other symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, etc., it can be a sign of a respiratory issue, which is a disaster if not treated early on.

  4. Kiersa Howard says

    Irecently noticed that my beardie has one back leg and 1 front leg that are gray in color I am worried that there might be something wrong as I have not noticed this before during shedding season. I have been looking online but haven’t found anything similar any information is greatly appreciated

    • Ashley says

      This is way late now, but firstly, there is no “shed season.” All dragons shed differently, at different rates, different times of the year, etc. Secondly, the gray you see is the old scales detaching from the new scales underneath. Basically, you are seeing the dead scales drying out before falling off. Next time it happens, look closely at the edge and you can see the new scales underneath and you can even see the space between the old scales and the new.

  5. says

    I’m scared that this is fungial infection but so far, it hasn’t spread anymore than this in the last couple of days.. I think it could possible be a burn because I was using a heat pad for him on his basking side but I also had a black rock on the same side.. He was sleeping on it last night with just his back two legs in it so I feel that could be it but I’m not sure.. I made an appointment for the vet because I don’t wanna be wrong about what it is but if it’s just a burn than I don’t really wanna go to the vet for nothing. I don’t know what to do.. Please help ASAP! Thank you.

  6. says

    My Bearded Dragon has something going on I have never noticed. I have had him about 2 yrs. and he was a yr already when I got him. When I first got him he was malnourished and small for his age so I rushed out and got him all the necessities! He has a 75 gallon tank, UVB light, basking lamp with some driftwood and a rock to get
    on to bask, and a container of water big enough for him to crawl into (he can fit all the way if he curls his tail around his body). He is around 2 ft.
    which is triple size he was when we got him and has gotten completely healthy and eats about 50-100 crickets once a week with a mixture of kale, squash, and change of a dab of treat (strawberries, bananas, or blackberries) about twice a week. He has had this for the last 2 yrs and has grown great, become very loving and protective but friendly, and has had no health issues. Now to the problem: yesterday, I picked him up and noticed right where the split is at the base of the tale, he has something hanging out of that split and it looks fleshy. No idea what it is, but very concerned due to he has never been ill! Not to be gross, but could it be his genitals? I have no idea. It has been like that for two days now and I have no idea what to do. His heat lamp went out 4 days ago so my hubby just rushed out to get another one so when he gets back I can put him in some warm water in the tub and then put him under the heat lamp to see if it will go away. Just no ideas. Eyes and all else seems fine. Please someone help ASAP!!!!! ANY IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED TO HELP BLACKJACK! Thanks! Amanda :'(

    • says

      Hi Amanda – I’m very sorry to hear about the issues your bearded dragon, BlackJack, is going through. Without a picture it is difficult to diagnose what the problem actually is, but it sounds like he is suffering from a prolapse. It’s similar to hemorrhoids in humans. Basically, the end of his intestines is sticking out of the vent (or anus). BlackJack should be seen by a qualified reptile vet as soon as possible. If it is a prolapse surgery may be required if it is severe. In the mean time the best advice I can give is to give him warm baths a couple times per day and limit his food to soft foods that are easily digestible like finely chopped fruits and worms such as wax worms and Goliath worms. Try to avoid feeding crickets and meal worms because of the hard chitin shell.

      The causes of prolapse are difficult to determine. It could be a sign of impaction or maybe a parasite. It could also be linked to genetics. A vet will be able to determine the cause better than I can.

      Good luck with BlackJack and keep us posted on his well-being!

      • Tae says

        Welp, im not necessarily an expert at things like this, but being a reptile, I know that they naturally regrow missing tails. The part sticking inbetween his tail may be a new one that was unable to complete the process due to the fact that the tail was not completely removed. Idk if it helped, but other than what was already said I have no idea what it could be.

      • Aniessa says

        Hi my name is Aniessa umm we’ll my bearded dragon is a baby I got him for Christmas he has been bleeding the first time he was bleeding from his eye the second time I don’t know where he was bleeding if anyone has info on what is happening to my bearded dragon plz reply to my post I am really worried that he will end up dyeing

    • Keith says

      Yes that is his penis. Maybe sand or substrate in there. Needs to be washed out and do not put sand or walnut shell in his cage.

  7. says

    Thanks for this list. I don’t know where our dragon would fall in the list. He has some lethargy and hasn’t eaten in the last three days. He is shedding. We have given him water by dropper and baths. He is pooping. Overall, he looks healthy. I don’t know how to submit photo. Temps are good. He usually eats crickets, waxworms and carrots. He has not liked any other fruit or veggie offered.
    Any tips would be appreciated.

  8. Arianna says

    I’ve had my bearded dragon for about 2 years and it hasn’t grown at all, It has mouth rot and has lumps all over, It won’t eat and only opens one eye): It also just lays there and does nothing. I’m super worried about it and I don’t know what to do! I need help! Thank you.

      • Aniessa says

        Hi my name is Aniessa umm we’ll my bearded dragon is a baby I got him for Christmas he has been bleeding the first time he was bleeding from his eye the second time I don’t know where he was bleeding if anyone has info on what is happening to my bearded dragon plz reply to my post I am really worried that he will end up dyeing

        • announumus says

          It could be so ething and old bearded dragon of mine its called eye bleed. It also could not be a bearded drago it could bea lizard that does that for deefense. I would take it to a vet or do reeserc

  9. Vicki says

    My beardie is alert and looks healthy minus being very skinny and eats very little. His tank temp is at 90 and I thought to make it warmer. But then he spends a lot of time under his basking rock where it is cooler, not coming out all day. I soak him twice a week and he poops regularly while in his bath. He drinks water everyday from an eye dropper while on my lap. He used to be a great little eater but now he eats two crickets and stops. Or three worms and stops. Anything else I can try to stimulate his appetite?

    • says

      Hi Vicki! Thank you for visiting Bearded Dragon Care 101 and for leaving your question.

      It can be tricky in determining a bearded dragon’s appetite woes. They are all individual just like humans, the difficult part is they can’t communicate what’s wrong. Let’s go over a couple things you can try.

      You mentioned the basking temperature, but you didn’t mention the age of your bearded dragon. If your bearded dragon is less than 6 months old the basking temps should be 95 – 110 degrees F. If your bearded dragon is 6 – 18 months old then the basking temps should be 95 – 105 degrees F, and an adult basking temps should be around 90 – 93 degrees F. The cooler regions should be kept anywhere from 80 – 88 degrees F depending on age (the younger the bearded dragon, the warmer). You can read more about temps here – http://www.beardeddragoncare101.com/bearded-dragon-care-sheet/4/

      You should also make sure the bearded dragon is receiving sufficient UVB/UVA radiation. This can be accomplished using a fluorescent bulb especially made for reptiles or a Mercury Vapor Bulb. MVBs gives off heat and UVB/UVA radiation. You can read more about proper lighting here – http://www.beardeddragoncare101.com/bearded-dragon-care-sheet/3/

      Both temperatures and proper radiation can affect appetite. It is important to supply these in correct amounts to maintain proper beardie health.

      Also try offering different food items. Try some sweet fruits like cantaloupe, strawberries, or blueberries that are cut into small pieces for him to swallow. Try different insects like dubia roaches, wax worms, Goliath worms or even night crawlers. Maybe he needs a change in food offered. You mentioned offering him water. If you are using tap water make sure to use a water conditioner that eliminates chlorine and ammonia.

      I hope this helps, Vickie, and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us any time.

  10. Tim Cline says

    Tee hope you can help me or give me you advise we bought Spike from an individual almost 3 yrs ago we have no idea how old she is , she is at least 12to 14 inches long including tail , came home 3 weeks ago and she had laid 18 small eggs we were floored did the research to find this is not uncommon as I am sure you know , after that she was eating a lot and we gave her xtra calcium from what I read that was needed .. in the last 3 or 4 days she has turned a very odd shade of yellow and her eyes are terribly sunken , don’t want to loose our scaley friend … what do you think could be going on with her ?

    • says

      Hi Tim, Sunken eyes are typically due to an infection of some kind or dehydration. Try giving her a luke warm bath a couple times per day. Watch to see if she laps water as she is sitting in the bath. You should also mist her several times per day using a misting bottle (spray bottle). Mist her all over for 4 – 6 minutes and also observe if she is lapping the water droplets of her nose as you do it. Make sure to use bottled water or a water conditioner if using tap water for the baths or mistings. You can also offer water via an eye dropper and just slowly drip water on her lips and nose. Be careful around the nostrils though!

      Monitor her feeding and overall activity levels. If she stops eating and begins acting lethargic it could be either a sign of brumation (kind of similar to hibernating) or could be a sign of illness.

      I would recommend monitoring her closely the next couple days and administer the baths, misting, and rehydration. If this doesn’t improve her color, sunken eyes, or activity levels then seek a reptile vet ASAP.

      Thanks Tim and please keep us posted on your bearded dragon!

  11. John gatlin says

    Hello my dragon has recently gone off his food and laid there with his eyes open right under his basking spot all day for about two days today I noticed his beard is black I’m not sure what this could be he has always been very energetic and ate we’ll he is about nine months old eats greens drinks in the tub poops normal but then three days ago this started happening o and he has all the UVB he needs I don’t know will a dragon brumate in the open

    • says

      Hi John, generally a darkening beard could be a sign of aging, or it could be a sign of stress. Has anything changed recently – rearranging of terrarium, moving terrarium to different location, change in feeding times, etc.?

      Sometimes bearded dragons can just lay around and not move much at times. Most of the time they snap out of their laziness and go back to “normal”. I would recommend to keep a close eye on him in the next few days. Monitor his eating and pooping. If his demeanor doesn’t change in a few days you may want to call a reptile vet and have a conversation about what’s going on.

      Good luck and keep us posted on any developments.

  12. says

    HELP! Ive had my bearded dragon for about 7 months his name is BruceLee and hes missing an arm:( we bought him that way lately he hasnt been eating and is getting skinny his eyes are low he doesnt open them all the way does anyone know what could be wrong with him? Please help me i really dont want him to die on me :(

  13. kelli says

    I bought my baby beardrd about a week ago the first few days he attacked his food like hed never eaten now he will onl eat every other day and just lays on his basking rock flat with half closed eyes head high up his beard and stomach are black striped with white dots his tank temp is about 99 degrees in basking area im concerned he is sick he poops daily it is dark solid with a little white spot in it yesterday he was shedding on his head now today it looks like the dead skin is gone but he is rubbing his face on his basking rock should i be concerned

    • announumus says

      Dont worry. The rubbing of the head is a sighn that he/she i feels to enclosed. Try to get a biger tank. The white spot in the poop is totaly normal. He could be lazy because of the seaso s. In the e fall and wi ter they get lazyer. As for the eating make sure to feed the beardie the rig hg things. I would do reserch on the eati g though.

  14. Eleanor says

    hi, i got my bearded dragon yesterday morning (it’s now 7:35 the next day). he’s around 5 months old, and seemed fine yesterday, but today he seems quite reluctant to leave his basking spot and he hasn’t pooped yet (i read that at this age at least once per day is normal? but it’s been more than 24 hours and nothing so far). he’s eating locusts if i offer them to him, but isn’t showing much interest in the cricket running around in there, even though he can definitely see it as it’s so close to him. i’m just wondering if i should be worried, this is the first time i’ve owned any reptile, so i’m not sure if this is a problem or if it’s normal! the basking temp is around 100-110, so i don’t think it’s anything to do with him being cold..

    • announumus says

      Its normal. They will do that because of stress. It can be caused by a new tank, spot in the house, ir a new owner in your case. I would try to make the. Feel welco e dnot worry.

  15. Donovan says

    My 7 year old Bearded ragon Lizzy is acting lethargic and I don’t know what to do she is acting lazy to but I don’t know what it is

  16. jeannie says

    My adult bearded dragon was fine just a couple of hours ago. Now he is all black under his chin, very lethargic. He looks a little bloated and while holding him he keeps adjusting as though he is uncomfortable. Please help I’m worried sick :(

    • announumus says

      Stress. He could have seen his reflectio. In the tank walls. If its glass. They could be defensiv about their territory. Just try to leave him be for a couple hours. He will be fine.

  17. says

    Hi there , my bearded dragon had a red /back spot on his side & I didn’t think nothing of it. it may not be nothing but just curious , I came down stairs last night & it was laying awkwardly with his eyes half open and his mouth open a little but and there was just no life in her , but she kept opening her mouth then she eventually passed away I left her in the cage , I came down this morning & she was the same as I left her then later on in the afternoon she had gone all puffy , I’m just wondering would you know what has happend

  18. melissa says

    Hello I have noticed for the last two days that my bearded dragon is reluctant to open one of her eyes. Could this be due to something in the eye or could this be a more serious matter.
    She also seems very un active and jumpy when approaching her. I have seen that on some websites that they say it could be to do with shedding.
    Do you have any ideas on what it could be and what I can do?
    thanks Melissa.

  19. Cristina says

    My bearded dragon is 5 years old and he hasn’t eaten or had a bowl movement in weeks. He’s been sleeping a lot and today i found him sleeping under the newspaper at the bottom of his tank. What could be wrong?

    • says

      Hi Cristina – First, check to make sure the temperatures in the terrarium are appropriate for your bearded dragon’s age. Also, make sure he/she is receiving adequate UV radiation (fluorescent bulbs should be replaced a minimum of every 6 months). Your bearded dragon could be going into a natural state of brumation (hibernation). This is pretty common when the seasons begin to change from summer to fall and then winter. I have had bearded dragons brumate for 3 – 4 months during the winter where they eat about once per week and stay very inactive. In late winter/ early spring they “bounce” back to normalcy. You can try to increase the basking temperatures about 5 – 10 degrees and keep the lights on for 14 hours during the day with 10 hours of nighttime to see if this helps to bring them out of brumation.

      I hope this helps!

  20. jordan says

    hey, i beardie is about 2 years old now, she recently laid 18 eggs and my girlfriend was at home and is not good with reptiles and she called me freaking out because she started eating all the eggs and i talked to 1 vet and he had never heard of this ? although i have heard of mothers in other animals killing there young if they feel threatened but i have no idea what to think of this because she was very sick for a 2-3 days after even though the day she ate all the eggs she then later that night before bed vomited. but ever since she had eggs and all this went on she hasnt been pooping regularly, maybe twice a week sometimes just on the weekends and she she goes its not solids more a mess like upset stomach, she eats fine i think, and will eat as much insects as i will give her, and if she wasnt pooping irregularly i would not know anything might be off, i have put her in a bath as soon as the non pooping gets to 5 day and so far the one day i did she went in the bath before i even had chance to rub her belly and the stench was almost unbearable, anyways any feedback or your opinions i would appreciate it,

  21. says

    My Beardie has made vomiting noises but also sounds like he is hiccupping sometimes.
    It worries me and I’ve been looking for an answer for a long while now.
    He recently had an impaction problem that I had fixed. He will be getting a new light here soon and the temp before the light broke was at 108. I do notice he does move to the other side of the tank. The temp has will be lowered soon once I get paid.
    He eats well. Carrots, baby kale and spinach, apples is his favorite.
    I have stopped giving him mealworms for I found that they can cause impaction and I have ordered horned worms which will help with his digestion.

    Other then that, he is adventurous, chases the cat and all. It just worries me because I don’t want to lose my pet.
    Can someone please help me with information?
    I have no cash right now to take him to the vet and the best vet for reptiles in in another city which is almost 2 hours away. Sadly my vehicle won’t make it.

    Please help me?

  22. Tareyn says

    I have a juvenile bearded dragon that’s about 3+ months old and that’s about at the length of 6 and a half inches, with half an inch or so of tail nipped off, and I’ve named him Orenjiiro.
    I just recently noticed that my beardie had just had an issue with constipation, and with that, I had given him a warmth bath to help him excrement. The redness around his anus had subsided, so that’s good, but I am really considering removing the repti-sand substrate I have for his habitat, and replacing it with the 40 gallon carpet that I had bought today, the Ecocarpet one.

    He has plenty of UV/UVB from the Solar Glo mercury vapor bulb that I had gotten, and his basking heat ranges from 87-95 degrees Fahrenheit, though it varies depending on how close he gets to the light (thanks to the driftwood I had bought for him that I had to stack on each other for better results.) He’s a gorgeous red and orange color, and he has been shedding beautifully, what with my misting him almost everyday that I can, and giving him a bath once a week. I do frequent spot cleans to ensure that his environment is as clean as possible until I can get around to cleaning his tank thoroughly.

    His diet consists mainly of medium Brown crickets, Kale, strawberries, and sometimes of Dubai roaches.

    Should I go ahead and replace the repti-sand with the ecocarpet to help ensure he does not go through impaction? I might have to go and check up with a veterinarian as soon as possible to get him checked out, but still. Help?

    • says

      Hi Tareyn,

      I would recommend replacing the Repti-Sand with a reptile carpet that you described. Make sure not to use indoor/outdoor type carpets as the “loops” can snag the bearded dragon’s toes. What you bought should work fine.

      If you still find constipation to be an issue try altering his diet by offering foods that are easier to digest, things like greens, berries (blueberries, strawberries with seeds removed, raspberries), or baby foods (peas, carrots, squash). Reduce the amount of crickets as they can sometimes be difficult to digest and increase the amount of small Dubia roaches. You can also offer wax worms, Horned worms (sometimes called Goliath worms), phoenix worms, butter worms, and even the occasional nightcrawler. These are all easily digestible. Avoid feeding meal worms or Super worms (until the bearded dragon is over a year old) as they have a hard chitin that is difficult to digest.

      I would also try to get the basking area a tad warmer. 95 degrees F is not too bad, but getting a little closer to 100 degrees would be good.

      I hope this helps!

      • Trey p says

        My bearded dragon is sick i need help. she has a jet black beard and the tip of her tail also black she wont move but opens and closes her eye every once in a while its shes been like this for a day i realy need help

    • announumus says

      keep an eye on the nip. It could lead to tail rot. Witch my beardie is being treated for now. Its no fun and expensive.

  23. Ben chinnock says

    Hi we took our bearded dragon, mushu to the vet tonight because we came home from dinner to find him very limp with his mouth wide open and his breathing seemed very laboured, also he had a solid lump on his chest and looked in a very bad way. There was no reptile specialist at the vet so not much help there however he has calmed down now mouth has closed lump is gone and he is walking although he is walking funny as if it is difficult. If anybody has any idea what is wrong with him is really appreciate the help thanks.

  24. jaemie says

    i have a question my two minth old beardie usually loves when i come by her cage she glass dances and always wants me to touch her, the last three days she’s been running and hiding from me turning black bellied and chinned minus the puffing. I’m not doing anything different and im usually moving slowly and talking softly did she just stop liking me? she won’t even come near me alwhen i try to bribe her with her.fave snack a wax worm. she just hides. i didn’t do anything to lose her trust. why is she turning Black only for me.

  25. Brandi Lansdell says

    So around Rango’s mouth and between his eyes and also behid his spikes looks white or transparent almost and im not sure what it is…..hes about a year or so old…hes perfectly normal acting…it wasnt like this yesterday everything is still normal except the rest of his body seems darker and he seems to be basking more often…i dont know whats going on…help please….

  26. Erica says

    I just bought two dragons from craigslist and they had a burnt out uv light and a borderline burnt out heat bulb that was set up incorrectly. The previous owners fed them insects from a baitshop which is very concerning and i fear they may have parasites. Yesterday we were finally able to properly equip them though my situation is kind of difficult to tell if they’re healthy. First of all the male went into brumation the day after we got them and im unsure if i should wake him also the fact that since he’s brumating i cant tell if anything is wrong with him. My main concerns though are with the female. I think she has yellow fungus because she has soft yellow spots on her. On the top of her head on her left shoulder and on her neck crease.How do i treat this at home? I do plan on taking them to a vet but cant do that soon. Also she pooped and it was half hard half runny and it smelled terrible. Since her diet with her previous owners consisted of bait from a baitshop im worried she has parasites. It could also be from stress from moving. I dont know. Thats not all their cage has tiny black bugs in it we found when we took out their water bowl and i noticed these smallish black beetles and mealworms in the cage too. They hide in the loose bedding they have. Today im completely cleaning out their cage and changing their bedding to papertowels until their repticarpet arrives but i dont know if these tiny black bugs are mites and if i have to clean it a certain way to get rid of them. Someone please help me with these problems these are my first dragons and their previous owners had no idea what they were doing. I want to give them a better life so if i could just get some helpful advice thatd really help.

  27. Irenna says

    My bearded dragon is about 6 1/2 inches I don’t know his exact age, I got him from petsmart. I’ve noticed his tail is getting ready for a shed and the nose also. But along his back, he looks really dry like he needs lotion, is that a bad thing?

    • Callie says

      Irenna, if it looks gray or dull, it’s more than likely from shedding.

      I suggest putting him in a shallow(around an inch and a half) bath and dousing his back. Make sure it’s not hot water, more warm. My baby bearded dragon(she was born in january 2015) is having her first shed, and I was scared at first, too, but with a bath, twice a week, or more, it has helped her a bunch.

  28. Drago says

    My bearded dragon is about 3-4 months old. We bought him together with another one she seems to be growing quickly and has a great appetite. He on the other hand seems stressed, decreased appetite and is always gasping. He also seems boney and doesn’t appear to be growing. They shared a tank, I read this was no good so I moved him on his own. What do you think is wrong with my lil guy? Very concerned :/

  29. Anndee says

    Hi I got my dragon a little less then a month ago and he has been shut in a room pretty much to himself because he was a Christmas gift from Santa. I fed him 3 times a day and made sure to hold him 2 times a day as well as a weekly bath because I felt he had some constipation. On Christmas eve he got brought down to the center of the home and I suspect he is overwhelmed by the noise, movement, and change of scenery she has barely eaten for 2 days now and so far eaten nothing on the morning of the 3rd day. She is shedding. And I won’t let my son hold her more than twice a day for now. Her eyes look good, pooping normal, and is weird colored I’m hoping mostly due to shedding. She’s acting lethargic and like I said not eating. Is this due to stress or should she see a vet?

  30. Daviontae says

    I really need advice and/or input on what’s going on. I assume i got my beardie not too long after he was born. February will be 1 year I’ve had her. I make sure she has fresh water and a bowl of snacks (greens, fruit, pellets, etc.) and occasionally throw a couple worms in the bowl while I’m at school. The temperature is at a constant 98-100 Fahrenheit, and she has plenty of food weekly. But for a while she’s been scaring me.

    I took her to our usual pet store a while back to get food for her, and one of the employees said she was on the skinny side. I upped the amount of food she eats. She started eating 100 worms a day, and lately she dropped dramatically. For the past 2 weeks or so she won’t eat anything at all. I didn’t change the amount of food she’s offered. I took her out of her cage and put her on her usual feeding spot and left her Infront of 50 worms.

    She stared at them for a few minutes, and ate about 6 at the most. The same evening before I put her to bed, she ate less than 10. Ever since then she eats less than 20 feeder worms/crickets a day, an its freaking me out. Sometimes she’ll be cold, other times she closes her eyes and seems unresponsive. I know they can go hours without moving, so I always look at her side areas and throat to make sure she is swallowing and breathing. But today she went a few good minutes without any sign of movement of the lungs… I laid her on my stomach (her belly face up) to see if she would open her eyes and roll back over. It took her some time, but eventually got up. Any ideas as to what’s going on ?

    • announumus says

      You shoulnt have increased the ammount of food because some beardies are skinny if she was healthy and not showing sighns of un heakthy ness she would have been fine.

  31. Victoria says

    My bearded dragon was in a 20 gallon tank i just put her in a 40 gallon tank and after a couple days she doesn’t seem to want to eat. And when I check the temperature it doesn’t seem to be going hotter than 85. I went to my pet store & they gave me 100 w bulb ( which I was using before) how can I get the tank hotter? Would it be safe to use two lights? Help!!

  32. lance says

    my bearded dragon had eggs and one of the babies is weak and dosen’t eat or move very much what can i do to help it

  33. Trey p says

    My bearded dragon is sick i need help. she has a jet black beard and the tip of her tail also black she wont move but opens and closes her eye every once in a while its shes been like this for a day i realy need help

  34. Kevern says

    Hi,my male bearned dragon had turned black under his chin and stomach, stomach and back seem really swollen and he doesn’t move. His breathing is erratic. What do we do? The vets here are not sure what it is and being after hours is a real struggle, please help

  35. Len says

    I have about a 5 year old bearded dragon and he has been acting weird. I thought he was just brumating as he has in the past (he doesn’t completely sleep, but he really won’t eat and will be lethargic- but then always bounces back as soon as warmth outside starts to hit). I live in NY so it gets cold in the winter. He of course, has his lights and I have a heat emitter that goes on him if I think it gets too cold at night. I recently was away for business and my heat went out and there was barely heat in my place for like 5 days. He still had his lights on and someone was trying to feed him (he wouldn’t eat). He has barely ate in a while and pooped just once recently. He is barely moving and I notice now his head shakes when he moves (signs of MBD?). I’m just not sure how he would have gotten MBD, he always has food (usually super worms but occasionally other food) with calcium, greens (which he barely eats anyway), reptisun 10.0 bulb, heating bulb with proper temps etc. He’s never been this way before and I’m worried. I guess a vet is the next step, but cash is tight so I am trying here first. Also note it is still very cold, but his brumation usually doesn’t last this long either.

    Thanks for any input

  36. Fredy says

    I have a yellow leather back but after she laid her clutch she was dark yellow but then her color came back but recently for the last month she has turned black again she eats from time to time she current w/ her mate and she just lays under the heat lamp and looks around

  37. Tiffany says

    Hello. (:

    I have a bearded dragon, named Osiris, that I more or less rescued. His previous owner failed to change between his day and nigh lights, so he went into premature brumation due to the fact he couldn’t tell when it was time for bed. The previous owner believes he was 6-8 months old when I got him. When I got him, I immediately cleaned his tank, used reptile calcium sand for bedding, a wooden half-log hide, a branch to climb from PetSmart, bought bottled purified water specifically for him, and also cleaned his food/water dish. Within two weeks of my care, he was able to stay awake all day until I switched from day to night lights. He became more active, and within a month he started shedding. As I said, when I first got him, the previous owner believes he was about 6-8 months old. His body was only the size of my thumb (about 2-3 inches). His shedding pattern is a little odd. Not in any specific order, he sheds in sections. His head, his limbs, and then his torso. it takes almost a month for him to completely shed, and he has not stopped shedding in the six months I’ve had him. he has about a week or so grace period, but then the shedding continues. I don’t know if he’s still trying to catch up from the previous sheddings he’s missed out on, or if he is actually caught up now. He eats plenty, i mist his tank 2-3 times a day, bath him every other day, the temperature in his tank is a steady 98 degrees with about 80% humidity (i keep it around 80% in hopes it helps with shedding) and his basking area is around 84 degrees. And within the last week or so he seems a little lethargic, and almost..depressed. and instead of shedding in the ways i mentioned, only about half an inch of his tail is shedding an the right side of his torso. i’m not entirely sure what to do to help him. ):

    • Erica says

      The shedding is normal but it is not good to have a high humidity in his tank it can cause respiratory infections and I suggest giving him warm bathes like you would for a baby but make sure he can stand in the water or he has the risk of drowning , giving him baths should help with shedding and I hope he gets better!

  38. Traeann says

    My baby beardie is about 3 months old. She’s always very active and she eats well. Today we tried sweet potato and she has become bloated, I soaked her when I noticed. She immediately went to the bathroom, and it went down a lot. Should I be worried? Or did she just eat too much?
    Her basking temps are at the required limitations as well

  39. Luke says

    Hi. I have a male beardie called Toothless, and he is about 4 months old. He seems to be perfectly healthy, maybe a little overweight, but other than that he seems to be fine. But, I had a couple questions. Sometimes, Toothless’s eye sockets seem to sag just the tiniest bit, and he occasionally has a slightly yellow tinted white part of his feces, so I’m guessing these two tie together in that he might be a little dehydrated, so I was wondering how to keep him hydrated. I give him a bath every week, because I think it is a little unnecessary to bathe him every other day, but I don’t think that would be a good way to hydrate him because most of the time, he doesn’t drink his bathwater, and It probably is good that he doesn’t, because its tap water, as the multiple taps and showers are the only heated water sources in my house. It would be pointless to put water conditioner in it because I replace the water about every five minutes to keep it at a consistent temperature so overall, unless you have a better idea, I don’t think baths would be a good way to keep him hydrated. Other than that Ive heard about misting, but honestly, I’m not sure how to do it. And being the perfectionist that I am, I don’t like to get water spots on the glass in my cage…. But I will mist if thats what you recommend. I just don’t know how to do it as stupid as that sounds… Other than that Toothless doesn’t really drink from his water dish…
    The second part of this is the color around his mouth, which I think Is normal, but I want to double check. The sides of toothless’s head are white, like the color of the bellies of beardeds, and then the usual stripes by the ear, eyes, and nose. (I’m my case the stripes are orange. Or should I say, Toothless’s case) But, the same orange color exists very close to his lips in little dots and stripes, which I think is natural. But the scales that actually line his mouth are a very light cream color. As far as I know there isn’t anything wrong here, but Ive heard that you should never pick out a bearded dragon that has discolored lips, so I was just making sure.
    The third and final question is about his tail. Normally, Toothless sheds wonderfully, showing his bright colors every time, but the only thing that is a dull is his tail. The thing that confuses me though, is that every time he has shed, it appears that his tail sheds too, but in the end, it ends up with duller brown stripes halfway down while at the base it has the usual bright orange stripes. I don’t know what is going on, His tail seem sot shed perfectly fine every time, maybe there are multiple layers of dead scales underneath? I have no idea. What would you recommend I do? I just need your help answering these questions, if you would… I want me bearded to be has happy and healthy as he can be, and if you would help me with these problems I would GREATLY appreciate it 😀

  40. Jordan says

    Hi, I bought my bearded dragon, Lola, when she was about two years old and I’ve had her for a little over two years. Just recently within the past two weeks almost, we had a fire at my house and she and my other reptiles were left exposed to 20 degree temperatures for almost twelve hours, (everybody is safe and warm now) but she hasn’t pooped in the past week and I’m worried, because we’ve fed her quite a times, she has ate as much as she normally does. She looks sorta bloated, she’s very active, and is acting like her normal self for the most part, but I’m just worried about her, any tips or ideas or anything that I can do to help her out?

  41. Vanessa Chavez says

    I was taking my brothers lizards a warm bath and I notice the female dragons head was slowly falling. Her eyes were closing as her head was falling. I don’t know what happened? I need some help

  42. Jodie says

    I have just noticed that my bearded dragons tail (the base) is very pale, almost squishy like. He’s been off his food recently too! What could this mean?
    Thank you

  43. summer says

    Hello I have a giant be r landed dragon he is just over 9 years old. A couple years ago he went through an odd shed were patches would not come off and they turned a shade of black. I bathed him couple times a week to try nothing worked after couple months he shed and it went away. It been a fee years and it has happened again. He has had patches on his back and legs and they won’t come off. I bathe him as often as I can. Is there something wrong with him. Also he refuses to drink always has he goes months with out drinking I’ll mist him and bathe him but he barley drinks. When he does he either drinks in the bath or I have to spray water in his mouth. Is it bad that he won’t drink? He’s my best friend and I have gotten him through everything but he’s 9 years old so he’s gonna go soon :'(

  44. Branden says

    I have a baby beardy only about 2 months old. He’s in a 20L tank. I’ve got a zoo med 100w basking lamp and a reptisun 13w 10.0 uvb bulb. My thermometer is a zoo med digital with the wire and probe. On the hot side of his tank it ranges between 89 – 96 depending on the time of day or how cold it is outside. It’s pretty cold today so it’s sitting at 91.7 right now. I put the probe on his basking spot and it reads 108. The cool side is usually at 80 but because it’s freezing its about 77 at the moment. I know they can sleep a lot through the winter so I wasn’t too worried about that but he would only eat 2 or 3 small crickets or mealworms per day. He isn’t skinny. He’s active and alert when he isn’t sleeping and he’s actually been a lot more active and sleeping less the past few days. Last night I got him a friend. I believe she’s a female but it’s hard to tell at this age. She’s about the same age and a little bigger than he is. When I fed them last night and today, he has ate a lot more than before. She eats just fine, the way she’s supposed to and I’m guessing he saw her eating up all the crickets so he went to work and chomped em up. They get along fine. He waves a lot so I doubt they’ll be fighting. Does it sound like everything’s going good or should I make some changes? I’m happy that he’s finally eating right. It seems adding a buddy for him helped. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you.

  45. Valerie Hebert says

    Hi we got a bearded dragon for my son for Christmas. She has seemed to never have consistent bowl movements since we got her. She eats well, we by the worms from the pet store she will eat bananas, carrots strawberries,apples, romaine. …she is a great eater. She just doesn’t go we’ve done the warm bath thing and that’s only worked 2 times,she is now going on over a week. Last time she went we realized we needed to keep it hotter in the tank so it has been 94 degrees and within 2 hours 2 weeks ago when increase the heat she went a lot it was foul and diarrhea and then she went again the next day but she hasn’t gone since then and it’s been well over a week.she seems completely fine she’s very active she eats I’m just afraid to keep feeding her without her having a bowel movement. any advice or recommendations I did read somewhere to have them eat baby food is this true like prunes? Thank you!

  46. Jess says

    Last year August I purchased a lovely citrus yellow and baby bluish Bearded Dragon named Baby, I renamed Liz. I was told by the owner that she’d been rescued about 2 years prior from severe malnourishment and uncaring condition. She has been growing healthily in my care. She’s fully molted twice and some recent spot sheds. I am thinking her age is around 4 years. She looks and seems to be in great health. She’s not overly lethargic and generally eats vit & calcium coated crickets, superworms, berries and basil as well as some other darker green leafy vegetation. I started to give her Bites feed the past two months in addition to her normal diet and her appetite and activity increased at first. I realized today it should be refrigerated but it is not. So I plan to stop feeding that and give more vegetation. I tried for the past two weeks with a fountain but soon realized the moisture was too heavy with the walnut crushed substrate…..I have since cleaned out the tank added new substrate and taken out the fountain.
    Today she pooped green and with superworm shellings in her bimonthly bath after we moved a few blocks away this weekend the weather was warm 7 C for Canadian Winter. Most times I give her a spritz, when molting especially. Within the past two weeks I recently replaced her heat bulb with a ceramic heat bulb.
    After her bath I noticed her left arm seemed discolored more than usual and I took off some darker brownish colored sheding away to find two dark brownish red spots on the underside of the wrist. Her limb is only slightly inflammed. The foot itself is lightened in color creating quite a contrast. She’s hibernated over the Winter eating less basil lately. Her appetite today was good. She is content. I’m not sure what to make of these two spots. Have any ideas, should I go to the vet or is there some way to address it.

  47. Lisa says

    Good afternoon. We got two bearded dragons from a friend of mine. They are both about 8 months. The one who is a sunfire has been acting odd since last night. He has his mouth open and at first I thought it was just to regulate his body temperature, however he seems to be breathing a little more than usual and deeper and his throat puffs up like a frog and then his mouth will slightly open and he seems to let out a gasp.

  48. Cheryl says

    My bearded dragon was healthy, moving around and active this morning. He looked great. Then, I returned 6 hours later to see him laying on his stomach with sand in his mouth, throw up in the corner and his eye half closed. Could you please tell me why this may have happened? I read about how the dirt is a culprit and can cause problems, but he was doing poorly with the green lining for the tank. When I put in the dirt, my bearded dragon seemed to completely change and was more active and satisfied. I don’t know what happened.

  49. Dorothy says

    Hey. I was giving my beardie a bath and he swimming like a fish and then I spun himself in the water. Is he just having fun or is something up? He’s brumating. Giving his weekly bath to keep him hydrated.

  50. Laura says

    Hi there. We just got our beardie (Buddy) from my husband’s brother a few months ago. He seemed to be doing fine at first. But we realized that he doesn’t pick himself up. He seems to scoot around, never lifts his head, and never pushes up with his front legs. Why is this?

    Also, a few days ago, he almost died more than 3 times. I looked over at him one night after he had tried to climb onto a log, and his head was hanging backwards toward his spine. My husband took him out quickly and put him flat on his tummy and Buddy started gasping for air. He did this several more times (on his basking log, trying to climb into his water bowl etc) and I had to quickly reach in and help. His tummy in unusually soft and bloated and his tongue looks quite swollen and is secreting a gooey substance. He is pooping regularly and still eating quite a bit but we are very worried. Does anyone know why he is behaving this way? We can’t really afford to take him to a vet at the moment unless someone knows if he needs one. Please help. We love this little guy.

  51. Natasha says

    Hi , my son rescued a beared dragon A few days ago ,that was in a cold dirty tank . We have got some advise from our pet shop , who told us about lights temputures for his tank. Giving him a bath ,what to feed him . Which we have done . I’ve taken a right shine to him and have named him Stan . He loves a cuddle and seemed very alert . However ,I’ve come home tonight and Stan is laying in the corner off his tank under his plastic tree . He feels quite cold to touch ,not very responsive . Should I be worried .

  52. Brandon says

    Hi I have a baby bearded dragon who’s tail is currently light grey. I personally think he is just shedding but my family is getting kinda worked up about it, he spent a whole day soaking it in his water dish. might there be any problems?

  53. Kassi says

    Hey one day I was giving my baby bearded dragon a bath and all of a sudden his neck swells up and he acts as if he’s choking and than he throws up some water and start acting wild like running around and flipping I became very scared and tried contacting a vet but everyone was either closed or they wouldnt answer questions over the phone and I’m afraid to give him a bath now and it’s been a two days so far Plzzzzzz help

    • Emma Bell says

      Don’t panic that is normal if ur beardie drinks to much water it is there body’s way of getting rid of it don’t worry he will be fine only put water up to there shoulders and watch how much they doing instead of laying like a dog they tend to put there bottom jaw under slightly so there mouth fills up and they end up swallowing more than they wanted or can handle

      • Emma Bell says

        Sorry predictive texting…… ment to say watch how much they drink instead of lapping like a dog they hang there jaw under slightly sometimes drinking to much

  54. Lesley says

    My daughter’s bearded dragon has recently stopped eating and has become very lethargic. He is a lot lighter in color and is not acting like himself. We recently moved to a new house and I am not sure if that has something to do with it or not. We have tried to feed him and continue to water him but are not sure what else to do. Any ideas on what we can do to get him back to his normal self would be greatly appreciated. My daughter is 9 and will be absolutely devastated if something happens to him.

    Thank you for any information you can provide.

  55. Aleah says

    My 7 year old beardie doesn’t move unless he’s trying to get comfy, he likes to be outside in the sun I think. He doesn’t move almost at all in his tank, being held or on the floor out of his tank. He doesn’t eat much only 3 mario worms every other day, I try to give him kale but he just doesn’t touch it. Anyway – he had a bath yesterday an was very strange afterwords. I’ve only had him for nearly a week, when he came out the bath he wouldn’t let me dry him with a towel just kept running away, and when I put him in the tank he climbed up to the class(never done that before – I’ve known him since he was 2) and when I went near him he would back away and flare his beard. I’m concerned he’s under the weather?

  56. Ashley says

    Hi, I have a bearded dragon and I have sand in her cage right now but have learned sand isn’t the best for bearded dragons Iv tryed the paper towels I saw a post online to try but my beardie did not like it what so ever. so my question is what is the best thing to replace the sand with ?

    • Beardie Lover says

      I think the best thing for my beardie is probably the crushed walnut “sand” it isn’t really sand but it is crush walnuts that appear as if they were sand.

  57. Alisha says

    My bearded Dragons feet are turning black. What is the cause? He temp is 80 degrees during the with a heat lamp and uvb lamp. I turn his light off at night and his tank is about 65 degrees. I don’t leave uneaten crickets in his tank at night.

  58. ebfaye says

    I just got my bearded dragon a few days ago. I have never been a berdie owner before. She is a juvinial female, about 7 months. Since I have had her she had gotten less and less active. She hasn’t pooped but she still been eating I feed her around 10 to 20 meal worms to roaches, she doesn’t like crickets not sure why. But today all she has been doing is going to the corner of her habitat and laying and sleeping in her water bowl. For hours, I have to check to make sure shes not dead. I got her out of he cage and she just fell asleep instantly on me. I’m very scared for her. And I mean I just put 200 in for her and would be mad to put my money in a lost cause. I love her and will be upset to lose her. What can I do! Please help

  59. Parker says

    My bearded dragon (8 Years old) has not been eating or drinking. He is cold on his stomach even though he basks under his light all day. He eats crickets every once in a while, but most of the time they just run around his enclosure. Any tips would be greatly appreciated since I am very worried about him. Thanks in advance!

  60. Nicole Kim says

    Hi there everyone. I have a bearded dragon of 3 years now. She almost died twice but she lived through it. My ferrets bit her eyes and one of her eyes are permanently damaged. Now I know I shouldve taken her to the vet but I didnt have money for it.. Sadly.. Anyways she went through it fine. On Sunday, I wake up to see her on the floor of my room, since she roams free every day. I picked her up and she went completely limp in my hands. Of course I screamed but thankfully I didnt drop her. But ever since Sunday her eyes have been swollen and her eyes are closed all the time. She is still limp and I dont know whats wrong with her. She is still breathing, and she seems to be doing better, but I dont know what to do. On Sunday, her beard was like blood red but a shade darker, like wine red. I was so scared. I dont know what to do. Up to now I have no money to take her to the vet, so I’m trying to do the best I can. Can someone please help me??

  61. Laura from California says

    I just got back from the vet. My beardie has not been eating much lately and has been opening his mouth and hissing a lot. His beard is always black. The vet gave a list of suggested tests which added up to well over $1,000 and then said there was a 90% chance Sylvester will die anyway. He recommended I euthanize him. I just couldn’t do it and brought him back home. The vet thinks he may have gout (the tip of his tongue is white) and that his air tube is blocked with the deposits so he’s having a hard time breathing (he tried putting a tube down his throat but it wouldn’t go), which is why he continually opens his mouth and makes the noise. Do you have any idea of anything else I could try before I go have my baby killed so he doesn’t suffer. Thank you.

  62. George says

    Hey! I have my Bearded dragon Achileas for 3 weeks he is on 100F basking spot in 55 gallon terrarium with a bulb coil 10uvb light! he eats some greens 0 crickets he doesn`t even hunt them and eats mealworms ! He has a sign at his belly quite a big one 1/4 of the belly that seems mould/or rot dont know how to explain it! i went to a vet and he just told me to put a bendadine on it can u help me with it ?!

  63. Rebecca says

    Hi, I’ve just noticed on the back legs of my bearded dragon and also at the top of his tail there’s what looks like bone coming out of his skin, he doesn’t seem under any stress and has been running round fine but I’ve never seen it before and I’m not sure if it could be a fracture of anything.

  64. Vikki henvey says

    Hi I have to bearded dragons both 8 weeks old, first one is fine very active all the time other one was fine for about a week, but past week he’s been very slouchy dosnt move much, always seems quite cold dosnt seem to be eating his pooh is still normally only drinks when I give him a bath and give him drops of what on his head, what could be wrong

  65. Anita says

    please help!! we just lost a female beardie about a month ago she was full of life and amazing then she quit eating lost all her weight and in just 4 days died. I have 4 other and now my other female is showing all the same signs. she just laid a clutch 1 week ago and was doing great she quit eating 2 days ago and now looks like shes about to die.. we spent over 400 at the vet with the last one only to be told she was fine then 2 days latter she was dead.. ths one went down fast what can I do? please help!!!

  66. Beverly says

    I am taking care of my daughters dragons while she is away at college. One, Kilgarrha, is perfectly fine and healthy, pooping, eating his salad and protein that I sprinkle with calcium powder and running around he enclosure. However, Norberta, the female is very sick. I have taken her to the vet twice. She stopped using her back legs and had not pooped in a few weeks even after warm baths and baby organic prunes (which usually work). The first time the reptile vet gave her an enema to help her poop and told me not to feed her the crickets from the bait store any more. The second time a few weeks later they did blood work. I paid nearly $400 total to find out that she had no blockages and all her levels in her blood were normal. Now she is still not using her back legs and today I fished her out of her favorite hiding place after 3 days of not seeing her and she is twitching her sides and won’t raise her head. She had what appeared to be drool on her mouth. I was able to get her to eat a mealworm but only after I laid it right by her face. She would not move to get one that was just a couple of inches away. I am scared. We have grown very fond of these little bits and would hate to loose her on my watch. Please advice!

  67. Jim says


    Our Dragon is 12 yrs old and is a very important part of our family . She has always been realitivly healthy and happy until the last week . Lethargic , loss of appetite and mouth gaping are all noticed . Not wanting to give up on her , but she’s not looking good . Any suggestions before I find reptile vet ?


  68. Courtney says

    I have a beared dragon male about 14 inches long got him in feb 2015 when he was about 5 or 6 inches big. Noticed last week a loss of appetite didn’t want to eat anything so we decided to get a bigger terririum for him no he’s in a 40 gallon tank but he started eating again and now I noticed that his front right limb he limps to walk. I’ve cked all the Temps there right on exact of 100° basking side and day time is at 80° I dust his crickets and mealworms and veggies with calcium plus d3 on every feeding. He basks for most of the day. Not sure what to do right now. If anyone has advise for me let me know thank u

  69. Apollo says

    I’ve had my lizard for about two months now. He has both a day light and a uvb. Sand, in the bottom of his tank (I heard is was ok to put in there with juveniles, but I also heard it was bad.) As of yesterday, he started going lethargic on me. Black beard. He tried to walk around, but doesn’t have the energy and wont use his back legs to help him. He has a loss of appetite, I’ve been trying to feed him through a syringe. His breathing looks labored, like, his sides are twitching.. well i think it’s him breathing. His middle is flat, rounded, not normal for him. usua;;y i feed him freeze dried crickets, some veggies, and mealworms.
    could it be impaction? how would I fix that?

  70. Karen says

    Wow, There are so many ill prepared and uninformed beardie owners out there. I feel so sorry for so many of these critters. People, PLEASE, Read up on Beardies and buy the appropriate resources before you bring them home. Don’t rescue one if you can’t help it. Don’t give them as gifts. If you can’t afford what a creature needs don’t take on the responsibility. Pets are expensive and totally dependent on you for all it’s needs. Please be thoughtful when you take responsibility for another creature’s life.

  71. Jessie says

    Please help :(
    When I first purchased my beardies from Petco, they told me not to choose one of them because of the discoloring around the vent. They said that the dragons don’t usually live once they have that :,( I noticed it on one of my dragons and I’m scared she could die… it’s a yellow-ish, tan-ish discoloration only around the vent area. She is otherwise alert, active, eating (both veggies and crickets) and appears healthy, but I know lizards hide their symptoms. I have not found any info on it… what is it? Can I treat it until she can see a vet in a couple days? Any help would be appreciated.

  72. Edwin Castro says

    Guys, I need help. My bearded drogon is like 9 months old, and never had a problem, but 2 days ago we noticed that he seems crooked, he seems to be moving his head only to one side and moves his head really weird, like if his head is stuck one way. What could this be? I have fed him with calcium and vitamins and his lights have all the UV rays? is he suffering from something or did he twiest his neck?

  73. Demmie Chandler says

    My Bearded Dragon Izzy suddenly started acting weird. He was fine then an hour later I found he had thrown up his food and has turned very pale and black on his beard and is sleeping alot (just like described in Brumation times) but i wasn’t sure if the colour change was normal? My beardie has never gone through brumation before and he is over 10 years old now.
    Does anyone know what might be happening? He hasn’t been aggressive/ hissing or showing discomfort, just being a lazy lizard yet pale and not his normal active self.

    Thank you so much to anyone who answers! Or even if your Beardie is experiancing this too.

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